Discover 2 Unique Ways to Completely Transform Your Fence

Do You Crave More Backyard Privacy? 

Backyards are meant to be sanctuaries; a private oasis to relax and unwind in peace. Unfortunately, you might be missing this sense of tranquility if your backyard is open for the whole world to see.

Many fences are only designed for protection from trespassing- not prying eyes. If you only have a chain link fence separating your home from the outside world, anyone can peer into your yard and shatter your private bubble of bliss.

Not only that, but these fences don’t block any noise coming from your neighborhood. You can hear cars, mowers, even people’s conversations. And you can be sure that they can also hear yours.

The good news?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

There are two unique and affordable solutions you can use to bring more privacy to your backyard: privacy screens and artificial ivy hedge rolls.

Read on to discover how you can use either one of these options to completely transform your backyard - quickly, easily, and affordably.

Privacy Fence Screens

If your backyard fence isn’t currently providing you with the privacy you crave, installing a privacy fence screen is one of the best ways to transform your yard into a private oasis.

Simply put, privacy screens are custom sized rolls of sturdy fabric that easily attach to your existing fence.

They come in various sizes and colors, making them highly customizable to your backyard’s specific needs.

The three foot tall variety is perfect for going around your deck railings, while the four to eight foot sizes will cover most standard fence heights. As for the length, some companies will even custom cut them to your fence’s unique specifications.

Since they also come in different colors, you can select a screen that best suits your aesthetic tastes. This makes them not only more pleasant for you to look at, but can add instant curb appeal to your home as well.

Privacy screens are also as sturdy as they are beautiful, often being made out of durable HDPE fabric. This material is both UV and water resistant, so it can withstand practically any weather condition.

Its slightly porous nature even makes it more resilient against wind than most solid structures. This can help prevent the wind from damaging the screen, while still inhibiting heavy wind from entering your backyard.

Those same qualities that protect the screen from the elements can also provide shelter for different components of your backyard.

For instance, your garden. The screen can block excessive wind from damaging your plants, and can provide shady spots for plants that require it. This is especially helpful if you have a nursery for young plants that require extra protection from the elements.

They can also be installed around your greenhouse during the summer months when insulating fabric isn’t necessary, but they still need protection from excessive sun and wind.

The shorter, three foot tall privacy screen can be used around your deck railing to protect you and your patio plants from sun and wind. This can compliment an overhead patio structure nicely, since it adds a vertical layer of protection to your patio.

These privacy screens can also double as shade screens. After all, they’re made out of the same material that shade sails are made from. They can be placed over windows, around animal kennels, greenhouses, tennis courts, or anywhere else that could use some extra shade.

They’re also incredibly easy to install.

You can use zip ties or tape to attach the screen to your existing fence. The screens have evenly spaced grommets along its outer edge that are used as sturdy attachment points. Some privacy screens have up to four grommets in each corner to ensure a secure connection.

To attach the screen, you simply attach the screen to one end of your fence and continue attaching the screen’s grommets down the whole length of your fence - tightening the screen’s fabric as you go.

You can have someone help you do this, but it can easily be done by yourself.

Being such an affordable, versatile, and easy to install option; privacy fence screens are easily one of the greatest options for adding privacy (and shade) to your backyard.

Artificial Ivy Hedge Rolls

If you’re looking for something a little more unique and private than a standard fence screen, artificial ivy hedge rolls may be just what you need.

Ivy hedge rolls are rolled up sheets of webbed plastic that have artificial ivy leaves securely attached to it. The artificial leaves are made to look like the real thing, and are densely packed into the roll to give optimal privacy to your backyard. After it’s rolled out and attached to your fence, it gives the appearance of a nicely manicured ivy hedge.

These can be used to cover up chain link fences, dilapidated wood fences, or anything you want to give the appearance of a “living wall” to. This is a great way to add more greenery to your backyard living space, without the usual expense or upkeep. There’s no trimming or pruning, and can easily be washed off with your garden hose.

Like fence screens, they’re made out of a resilient material that is UV and water resistant. They’re also just as easy to install, and can be attached to your fence with zip ties or tape.

While artificial ivy hedge rolls offer a lot of advantages, not all of them are created equal. Some rolls are made out of cheap plastic that don’t remotely resemble real leaves. Also, some rolls don’t offer a sturdy mesh backing, and their leaves can easily fall off under the right weather conditions - or just normal wear and tear.

That’s why you should ensure the ivy hedge roll you choose is:

  • Made out of high quality plastic
  • Has a sturdy mesh backing that the leaves are securely attached to
  • Has dense leaf coverage

By choosing a roll that possesses those characteristics, you can be confident that your living wall will bring privacy and beauty to your backyard for many years to come.

Bring More Privacy to Your Backyard Today

Once you finally achieve the backyard privacy you’ve been craving, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Finally, you’ll be able to relax and unwind in your backyard without worrying about being visible for the whole world to see.

Fence screens and ivy hedge rolls are two highly affordable and versatile options to transform your backyard into the private sanctuary you want and deserve.

For some of the best on the market, check out ColourTree’s line of privacy fence screens and artificial ivy hedge rolls today.

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